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Apple Mail not auto saving drafts


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I am running High Sierra using Apple Mail with an exchange email account.

When I am writing an email, I find it is not saved to the drafts folder unless I do so myself.

If I quit Mail with an email in progress, I lose it. When email relaunches, a blank email opens for each email that I was working on.

Question 1: Does Apple Mail on High Sierra auto save work? I am running Mailtags plugin.

Question 2: Is there a way to check when I quit Mail to see if more than 1 window is open in Mail and if so, allow me to cancel the quit?



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Answer 1: Yes. You may want to go in to your settings on to make sure that the drafts are being saved in to your Exchange server. To do that, open Mail, then go to the Mail menu > Preferences > Accounts tab> select your Exchange account > Mailbox Behaviors. See where the Drafts folder is located.

Answer 2: No. Sorry. That functionally is not possible as it is not needed because of the fact that saves what you are working on as a draft.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have checked and the drafts folder is indeed on exchange.

When I close the window by clicking the red dot, a dialog box asks me if I want to Save, Don't Save or Cancel to the drafts folder.

If I click Save, it works and I see it everywhere on exchange.

If while editing an email, if I quit mail (or it crashes) when I relaunch Mail, there is a new message in the drafts folder but it is totally blank. No subject, no addresses, no body, etc.

I disable Command-Q which is my usual way to quit so I remember to check for open drafts before quitting.

Not ideal, but useful until I can determine the root cause.







Sure. No problem. It does sound like you need to get to the bottom of the crashing problem with as that really is a problem. You might want to try and reinstall macOS over the top of your current install and see if that fixes it. It has been my experience that is quite stable so the crashing issue should be something that can be tracked down.

Glad to hear that the drafts folder is in the correct location and that as long as you save your drafts they are saved to the server and you can see them on all of your other devices.