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Apple not supporting High Sierra?  



Well here's a new one, and I'm flummoxed as to how to proceed. I called Apple about being unable to unlock my 2017 iMac (with AppleCare!) using my Series 4 Watch. Since I can't update to Mojave yet (production machine requiring some legacy software and frankly I can't risk the instability) they refused, flat out, to continue the support call. 

Has anyone else seen this? 

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While I think I can do this with my 2016 Macbook Pro and my Series 4 Apple Watch, I would have to enable 2-factor Apple ID authentication, and I'm not currently willing to do that, so I have not tried.

My point in replying is, have you enabled Apple ID 2 factor authentication?  A guy in my office did this for his Series 4 Apple Watch and Retina iMac

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I think this is a mistake. You probably got someone who was having a bad day. I'd call back and try again. Apple is usually very responsive & helpful with new equipment + AppleCare.


I do have 2FA enabled, and have for a while. What fixed it: Un-pair and re-pair the Watch. This worked on a 2017 iMac and a late-2013 MBP. It's very likely I got someone with an axe to grind because he started gyrating wildly when I explained, up front, I wasn't updating to Mojave on a production machine that I rely upon for client work. He became stand-offish immediately.

Odd that in the hundreds of interactions I've had with Apple THIS one didn't merit a "tell us how your call went" email... 

The world is filled with billions of people, with billions of personalities.  You just got one that does not understand the "Real World" some of the customers live in.  Maybe with age, they will start to understand.


I often run my work iMac on older versions of macOS because I cannot take the time to deal with the changes a major macOS upgrade will inflict on me.