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AppStore doesn't work after Mojave update  




I updated my MacBook Pro to MacOS Mojave and AppStore doesn't work anymore. When I try to download something, I see the error message "Your purchase couldn't be completed. Canceled." Sign out button doesn't do anything and view my account button gives Couldn't connect to AppStore error.

Anyone who knows a solution or experiencing similar issues?

If you can't connect to the App Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Books
To fix the issue, check your settings and network connections on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV.

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3 Answers

We posted an article a while back on how to identify .plist files used by the app store:

How to Identify & Fix Problems with the Mac App Store

It's a bit old, so I checked and there look to be a few more files than when the article was written.  Perhaps try whacking the to see if it can reset the App Store:

Tangentially, one could use the free "AppCleaner" app to drag and drop the app and (be careful don't trash it for real) the drag and drop action will display files associated with the app.


Here's another one that I think we've referred to in the past that has to do with clearing out App Store-specific cache files, like before, you may find additional items with a similar name since this is for an older version of macOS:

How to fix / Reset App Store app on Mac OSX - El Capitan


What country are you in? And what happens if you try to visit a link like this one to Ulysses? Does it appear on the web? Just trying to narrow down if you have a Network issue or an App Store-specific issue. I know @johnfbraun has solved the latter a few times with various .plist file maintenance.