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audio compression in Zoom  



Just got this question from a client and thought I'd pass it along:


 I teach an organ lesson via Zoom. I also do Zoom for synagogue Shabbat services (playing the piano, and using my digital audio interface - Zoom H4n Pro - and a high quality Audio Technica microphone, all plugged into my desktop). When I’ve tried using the Zoom app for any keyboard music, the microphone compressor creates havoc and the result is wildly unsatisfactory. On the iMac, I can go to the audio settings, enable original sound, and disable the compression. But that option doesn’t appear to be possible on the iPad nor the iPhone. Do you have any thoughts about a better platform? Or any other suggestion about this?
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Some context seems to be missing here. It's true that Original Sound isn't available on mobile. Why can't the client use their iMac to host both meetings?