Automatic Config Script  




Some years ago was a tip or csf for a Mac Auto Config script, but I cant remember the name. I have to config 15 Macs and hope, that it could help me.

Does anybody knows the name?

Thanks Thomas


I don't know what specific tip you mean but in years gone by I would have used NetInstall. Unfortunately this is no longer provided:

NetInstall is Dead, too

Maybe Jamf Now would be a way to use the current MDM methodology?


Thanks, I know NetInstall or Imagine (Deploy Studio also dont work anymore) and the problems with Mojave/T2. And of corse is an MDM the solution, but I have to deliver those minis next week and evaluate the MDM during the year (YAMF Now is to less functional, we use Enterprise Apps).

Indeed the problem is relativly small, I could do the minimum by hand and the rest via Remote Desktop ans scripting afterwards. That should work with this delivery.