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Automatic Config Script  


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Some years ago was a tip or csf for a Mac Auto Config script, but I cant remember the name. I have to config 15 Macs and hope, that it could help me.

Does anybody knows the name?

Thanks Thomas

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I don't know what specific tip you mean but in years gone by I would have used NetInstall. Unfortunately this is no longer provided:

Maybe Jamf Now would be a way to use the current MDM methodology?

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Thanks, I know NetInstall or Imagine (Deploy Studio also dont work anymore) and the problems with Mojave/T2. And of corse is an MDM the solution, but I have to deliver those minis next week and evaluate the MDM during the year (YAMF Now is to less functional, we use Enterprise Apps).

Indeed the problem is relativly small, I could do the minimum by hand and the rest via Remote Desktop ans scripting afterwards. That should work with this delivery.

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I'll come back to my old question because Dave mentioned it in the beginning of show 786, just around Suspicious Packet and Pacifist, but he cant remember the name.

@Dave: If you remeber the name I will (hopefully) be very glad.

Thanks, Thomas


Phil Goodman talked – and showed – this at MacTech this year in his session:

As soon as the videos are live, I'll link!

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Thank you Dave. Thats not what I've expected, thats way more. I found not the talk but the site of this guy: Twocanoes Software, the app is called Mac Deploy Stick / MDS:

I've already testet it and it works flawless. They have several videos on youtube about MDS and it looks like MDS 2 (which is not out now) is a gui for the opensource and just cli configuerable MicroMDM.

If thats not interesting...


Or, configure one the way you like it.  Make an image of that machine, and use Disk Utility's restore when booted from the recovery partition to lay that image down on all the other computers.


No, that option is gone on all Macs with the T2 security chip. You cant boot a system witch is not installed correctly on this machine (there are some key exchanged in the installation process). I had initialy to configure Mac Minis 2018, those have the T2 in then.
You cant even netboot them, you have to go true the installer.