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Battery only works in Recovery Mode. Instantly goes to sleep in MacOS 10.14.1.  



Hi, I have recently replaced the battery in my 2015 MacBook Air and have been having some issues that I can’t find any information about online.

MacOS says ‘Battery Detected: No’, but says the battery health is ‘Normal’.

When I unplug the MagSafe connector, the Mac goes into sleep mode instantly so I can only use it when plugged in. But, I can unplug the MacBook Air when in Recovery Mode and it doesn’t turn off instantly.

The MagSafe 2 status light is always orange.

Different things can happen each time I boot. Sometimes it acts like there is no battery at all, sometimes it says the battery is at 0% and not charging and then sometimes, it says the battery is at 0% and there is no power adapter plugged in.

One more thing that I have noticed is that straight after the startup sound, I can unplug the MacBook Air and it won’t turn off until it almost finishes loading and then it will instantly sleep.

It is a 13” 2015 MacBook Air and the replacement battery is a genuine Apple battery with only 312 cycles.

Hopefully there is a solution for this.


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This sounds to me like there might be a kernel extension that is messing with how the battery status is reported to the operating system. You might be able to confirm this by booting into Safe Mode - which, similar to Recovery Mode, doesn't load 3rd party extensions.

• Shut down the computer.

• Press the power button to start the Mac and immediately afterwards press and hold down the left Shift key until you see a progress bar or the Apple logo.

• Your Mac will do some cleanup steps and show a progress bar. This may take up to half an hour - let it run even if the progress bar doesn't seem to move.

• This should end up at the login screen with "Safe Mode" written in red at top right. If not, then Safe Mode didn't engage, shut down & try the procedure again.


If that idea seems confirmed you might like to check what extensions you have inside /Library/Extensions and try removing any that look dubious or unknown. (Move them to desktop or similar so they can be put back later if you decide they're still needed.)