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Best way/place to sell older Macs?


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Until recently, I've enjoyed and loved my mid 2008 17" MacBook Pro. You read that right. Mid 2008. What stopped me from using it was the inability to upgrade the OS, which caused a problem with other software I need to work. 

But this thing is still such a tank. And everything else about it works. Am I wrong to think that MAYBE somewhere, someone could still find it useful?  And if so, where to sell it? I know it's not worth much, but sending it to the trash heap seems like a huge waste.

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If nothing else, Apple will take it - probably give you a few dollars for it - and at a minimum you'll know it was recycled responsibly...


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You can go to Apple's give back website to see what (if any) value your 2008 17" MacBook Pro is worth. Here is the address:

You can also check with Gazelle:

But most likely it is not worth anything as it is a decade old. So eCycling it would be the best option. You can do that at any Apple retail store along with Best Buy and others.


There's a great facebook group that I've bought and sold Apple hardware on.  Plus if you're looking for fun legacy Apple gear then its a great place to catch people cleaning out their garages and hocking their Apple IIc or other fun stuff.


In the past, I’ve sold some on eBay and some of Craigslist (years ago, before it was overrun by scammers). For Craigslist you have a specify local only and cash only. Then any message you get that is outside of that just ignore. eBay worked fine for me — why don’t you like it? I can understand not liking both Craigslist and eBay, or Craigslist and not eBay, but eBay and not Craigslist doesn’t seem to make sense.


I have done the same in the past (sold on both eBay and Craigslist) but not recently as more competition in the resale space has opened up. You do give some good advice when dealing with Craigslist. The problem with Craigslist and other direct consumer to consumer channels is that while in many cases you can eliminate the middle man and get more money for your stuff you are taking a bigger risk that you are going to be dealing with a scammer or get robbed of your stuff when you do the exchange.

While eBay has tried to do a good job of minimizing those risks, they do take a good cut from not only the listing fees but the PayPal payment side as well.

This is why lately I am more inclined to deal with the middleman resellers as I know they have a reputation that they want to protect so they will make sure that all parties are happy. While I know I will not be getting the most for my stuff, I do know at the end of the day I will get paid and not have to worry about any problems post sale.


@Dave Hamilton:

I would take the $100 from Gazelle and be happy that I got anything for a 6 year old computer. You got your use of your 2011 MacBook Air and there is little life left in it for anyone else. Even though I am sure it is in good cosmetic condition, the battery and SSD are getting close to the end of their life. I am going to assume that the battery does not hold the same charge as new and the SSD will eventually start to show errors that will cause system instability and random lock up and crashes.

As for a family member wanting it, I would be shocked if they did as they could purchase a new 32GB iPad for $249.99 from Amazon:

That would most likely do everything and more that one of your family would want from your used 2011 MacBook Air and as it is new they would be starting fresh with everything.

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Good thoughts! According to a few Google searches, we throw away between 40 million tons of electronic waste every year and only 12.5% of all electronics are recycled. We may not all agree on the numbers, but whatever the accurate number is, it's staggering what we're doing to our planet. 

I know, I know. I sound like a tree hugger or hippie. You wouldn't be too far off.

If I can't sell my electronics, give them to another family member in need, donate to a charity, or find a way to give the device a new job, then I hope to find a place that truly recycles and not just contribute to the problem. Usually, I sell items on Gazelle or give to a family member long before now. But darn it, this laptop just kept running and filled my needs right up until the software I need wouldn't work on it. 

This device might be headed to Apple if they'll responsibly recycle it. But before then, I'll start another thread on ways to give an old device a new job. Maybe we can all learn five new things and possibly contribute to  😎  stuff found. 

Thanks, everyone!


I guess you have not been paying attention to the more recent Apple keynotes. Just to let you know, Apple is 100% behind any and all environmental concerns you have.

Also you might want to have a look at Lisa Jackson's part in the last keynote:

It's not just Apple but I know that you can drop off your eWaste at many of the big box stores such as Best Buy, Office Depot and others to have them responsibly recycle it for you. Plus many cities around the USA have eWaste as part of their garbage pickup as well.

I agree with donating used technology to charity or find your local Freecycle:

They would be happy to take your used technology there.

Yep. It sounds like you where able to get all the life out of that 2008 17" MacBook Pro but the software has left it behind. That's to be expected and while I am sure that it has been a great Mac for the last decade, it's time to retire it and move on to something new.

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Awesome, Brian. I don't always watch every keynote, nor watch 'til the end. Good that others do! 

I've definitely moved on. Typing this from the new 2017 13" MacBook Pro refurb. 


Thanks! FYI, If you want to skip to Lisa Jacksons part it is at the 1 hour 20 min mark. If you do not have to watch the rest if you do not but IMHO you should as Apple's keynotes are normally the best in the industry and worth the time to watch as you can learn a lot about the company and the direction that they are headed.

Glad to hear that you have moved on and now are using a more modern 2017 13" MacBook Pro referb.


Yeah, I’m in a similar scenario with my soon-to-be-retired 2011 MacBook Air. Not sure it’s worth anything unless someone in the family finds a specific use-case for it. But selling it, yeah, not much... maybe $100 from Gazelle. I guess that’s better than nothing! 😉