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Big Sur and the Logitech Mouse and Mission Control


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i can find no topic on Big Sur and a logitech mouse with buttons on this forum ... so i am adding one:

Problem 1 #

There is no warning that Logitech requires their System Preferences to be up updated ... but it does:

Problem 2 #

A User problem ... i left the prior entry "Logitech ControlCenter daemon" in Security and Privacy/Input Monitoring.
I have 4 browsers installed now ... i know it is a little overkill but my iMac has a lot of memory.
Anyway, 3 browsers (Firefox, MS edge, and Opera) worked fine ... one didn't Safari.
Safari cannot handle a nonexistent file in Security and Privacy/Input Monitoring ... that problem went away when i deleted that entry and rebooted.

Problem 3 #

The Logitech Master Mouse provides additional functionality with "buttons" ... where one of them can be configured as "Mission Control".
The problem i am describing here will happen in any mouse with buttons where one of them can be configured as "Mission Control" ... it's not just Logitech.
Safari seems to write over where System Preferences Security and Privacy/Input Monitoring data is kept ... this is intermittent.

I have Safari in the forefront in one my desktops ... i hit the "Mission Control" button ... nothing happens ... worse ... the button doesn't work on any of the other browsers.
I found a way i can clear the problem up !
I have the app "Logitech Options" running in my dock ... i bring it to the forefront ... then turn around and "hide" it ... the problem goes away.
I go from MS Edge to Firefox to Opera and back via the Mission Control Button ... no problem ... but the minute i involved Safari ... there will be a problem !


I am ready to give up on Safari for awhile ... i will go back and try again when Big Sur 11.2 is released.
I have a very narrow pipe to the outside world ... i don't want to get involved in trying to send what i call "system dumps" through it.












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Hi @frodo3558 — I have an old Logitech Cordless Keyboard (and mouse, but I don't use that anymore), and had button-assignment issues when I first upgraded to Big Sur.

I found this article which teaches us to (manually) run the Keyboard Configuration utility by going into Terminal and typing:

Open /Library/Application\ Support/Logitech.localized/Logitech\ Control\ Center.localized/Device\

Then one day (for what reason, I do not know), my keyboard became "de-paired" from my computer. Nothing would work, not even the letters. So I went through the process of pushing the respective buttons on both the USB dongle and the keyboard itself (to re-pair it), and ever since then, all my buttons work in Big Sur as desired. I can even use the aforementioned utility to re-configure them if I like.

Not sure how long this'll last, mind you, but it works for now on macOS 11.1.

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Conclusion (revised)

This is not as big of a deal as i thought it was. If one avoids trying to put Safari in the background by clicking on it when it is in the foreground with a Logitech button configured as "Mission Control", one can avoid this rabbit hole. Instead, use your mouse to get to "Mission Control" move it to a corner configured for "Mission Control" and bring something else to the foreground that way. If you do slip up, use the fix described above to get "Mission Control" working. The point is a reboot is NOT necessary ... this turns a big problem into a little problem.