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Big Sur/Apple Silicon  



Hearing about all the groovy new features that Big Sur has that take advantage of Apple Silicon, is my brand new iMac Pro (2017) now rendered obsolete?

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As to the obsolete question, I got a Power Mac G5 tower in the middle of the PowerPC to intel switch and ran it as my main “at work” computer for years. I didn’t replace it until late 2009. 


Not by a long shot. Big Sur and many future versions of macOS will continue to be compatible with your Mac. Big Sur is compatible with most Macs dating back to 2013.

If you heard the last few minutes of the keynote, Apple indicated it still has several Intel-based Macs in the pipeline and it plans for the transition across all Mac product lines to take about two years.


Alright... I was just wondering if there were going to Apple Silicon “only” features, like running iOS apps. It looked like those were only going to work with the new processors.


I did not hear anything about ARM to intel emulation, so I expect running iPhone/iPad apps will only work on Apple Silicon.