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Big Sur --log in screen


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Hi all,

Since the first update to Big Sur on my 2017 iMac my log-in screen as changed with the users off set to the left of the screen (see attached), once I click on either users they position to the centre of the screen and will move back if I select other user.

This may be a new features !, but I'm not sure can anyone confirm please?

If it not meant to be how I may be able to remove it!

Thank and stay safe





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Based on a suggestion from Dave Hamilton I added the Guess account and once rebooted I deleted it. That 'seems' to have reset whatever needed to be reset and the user accounts are now back in the centre of the screen. Cheer Dave

Spoke too soon !

While I don't have Big Sur, I can provide a wild speculation: Maybe your monitor resolution is confused? At login, the Systems thinks you have a different size monitor? If I'm right (or even half-right?) maybe playing with the resolution in System preferences. Even if I'm only quarter-right, maybe resetting the SMU would help?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply, monitor is set to the system default, although changed to scaled default to see if it changes any thing !