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[Solved] Can Apple Mail Sync and Be The Same on All Devices


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I may have had a 'senior moment' but I want my comcast mail acct to show up and sync to be the same on all my Macs and iOS devices.

Meaning, I want all my Sidebar Groups to be there at least on all my Macs.  So, do I have to form the same groups that are 'On My Mac' and put them in iCloud then set RULES to move them to the iCLOUD grouping instead of the 'On My Mac' Groups.

This seems too hard.  I use Comcast mail, POP so items are not deleted on the SERVERS then I delete one on one device.  Thank you. Patrick

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The POP protocol says Download to the client, and delete on the server after it is transferred.

You want to use the IMAP protocol, which keeps all the mail on the server.

I found these instructions for Comcast on switching from POP to IMAP

NOTE:  I do not know how much storage Comcast/Xfinity gives you for hosting your email on their servers.  It may not be very much. 


It may be a bit of a hassle to initially "migrate" your devices - but the appropriate method for doing this is to move to using IMAP connections to the Comcast mail server for all* devices. Under this paradigm any mail application, or web browser, that connects to the account will see the same messages and folders structures and any archiving/moving/deleting of messages only has to be done once. A possible limitation on this is the amount of storage your mail account has - which may necessitate a procedure for archiving from IMAP into On My Mac* on a computer "of record".


* Note: In some circumstances you may wish to have a single device/app that connects via POP so that its historical mail store is isolated and unable to be affected by "happenings" on the server. I have one client that I set this up for after her Gmail account mysteriously had all email messages erased - twice.

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Thank you all.  I will explore this option.