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Can't turn on FileVault for OS cloned with Carbon Copy Cloner - How to fix?  



I cloned a copy of Yosemite to my SSD to exist alongside a Sierra install. I then turned on FileVault in Sierra without issue. Sierra was installed directly, not cloned. Then I tried to turn on FileVault for Yosemite and get the error:

FileVault can’t be turned on for the disk "xxx”. Some disk formats don’t support the recovery partition required by encryption. To use encryption, reinstall this version of Mac OS X on a reformatted disk"

There is a recovery partition on the SSD.

What should I do?

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But I think the recovery partition is for Sierra, which is not compatible with Yosemite. 


Another part of me is wondering if everything is already encrypted, as FileVault is a Whole Disk Encryption.


When you go to boot Yosemite do you have to enter your Sierra password at boot to move forward? 


This is an interesting thread and my suspicion is that FileVault configuration can only be done once per physical disk because the "recovery" partition is actually used at boot time to present the login dialog that has the list of users who have been authenticated via FileVault. ie. FileVault is a bit more involved than just encrypting the volume. 

I doubt that the 2nd bootable volume would have been encrypted by FileVault on the 1st volume, but would be interested to hear of confirmation either way.

If the 2nd volume hasn't been encrypted the question I then have is whether one can do a normal encryption of that volume (via Finder) and still have it as being bootable? ie. will boot manager prompt for a password on an encrypted volume?