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CAT5e or CAT6


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I am going to buy the cable to connect my device and is confused by the types.
I'm not familiar with this, consider choosing CAT5e or CAT6.
I searched on google and saw the blog, is this blog true or not?
Can someone kindly advise me and also tell me the reason?
Thanks in advance.

@coin are you wiring your home, as in running cables through the walks? If so the use Cat6 to future proof your investment, as Cat6 will support 10Gigabits/sec (few people need this today, but 5 or 10 years from now that may be different). Installation cost is the big expense, so use the better cable.
If you are talking a short patch cable, 3 feet (1 meter), 6 feet, 10 feet (3 meters), etc…, then the expense is not much, and if you are doing the typical home gigabit Ethernet speeds, either cable will do.