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Catalina on external SSD possible?


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In MGG episode 785 Dave mentioned that he had heard that Catalina may not be able to run from an external drive and is restricted to internal drives. I'm wondering if anyone has tried?

I just finished creating Catalina on a new external 500 GB SSD and it works great. Question answered!

My set up is a 2012 27” iMac. I’ve installed Catalina on a 500GB Samsung external USB 3. I use my internal 1GB HDD for data.

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My CCC clone of Catalina on a USB connect HDD boots just fine on my 2017 iMac. 


I hope it's not the case because the advice to just run your OS from an external drive when your internal is a spindel drive would not work anymore, and it also means that any bootable backup put on an external drive wouldn't work either. I'm not personally upgrading to Catalina because of the many issues it still has and compatibility with software I use daily (Adobe Creative Cloud in particular).


Perfecto. Thanks, all. This is great news. Whew! 🙂