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Catalina third party software downloads are very slow  



Recently updated my iMacPro to Catalina. When I do downloads of third party apps or audio plugins the download speeds are very vert slow.

On Speedtest my download results are 725 Mbps down, 55.9 up.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong or missing? TIA

Can you use:
curl http://the.url/to/the/download --output
curl http://the.url/to/the/download --output /dev/null
Do you see a significant difference?
NOTE: The internet being what it is, you may see run-to-run differences always going to a file or always going to /dev/null. But if you do this enough do you see a huge difference between writing to storage vs throwing the bits into the null void?
NOTE 2: The other thing I found, when trying to work out the details of using curl for this proposed experiment, was that my first attempts ended up with very short files. When I looked in the file, there was an HTML "Redirect". So I had to extract the redirect and use that in my curl command. There is a bit of Voodoo in getting curl to work and to validate the experiment.
All I'm trying to do is see if the network component can be isolated from the storage component.
If you can think of other ways to isolation testing to eliminate components as not being the problem, that would be good diagnostic testing as well.

Great feedback I will try and report out.

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Are you downloading these from their developer websites, the App Store, or somewhere else? What do you mean by slow? Do the websites load slowly, too? What other details can you provide about your browsing?

@earthsaver Downloading third party software from the websites. Everything else if fine but the download speed (how long it takes to complete the download to the folder) is slow


From what sites? Are downloads slow across the board? Your download speed is entirely dependent on the sites you are hitting and the time you hit it and so on.

From all sites. I’m pretty familiar with how networking works thanks


Sorry for the late reply. I have looked through this post: That's almost certainly a server problem. Downloading software from any site, even Apple can take a long time depending on how many others are doing the same thing as you. Or, the servers may undergo maintenance with limited output capacity.

Not much you can do about that.

Glad to hear that everything else is fine.

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