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Changing out MacBook Pro Innards  



I know that lots of replacement components are available from OWC and other vendors, speaking of memory, HDDs, Battery replacements, etc.  They offer lots of assistance in helping users to do the replacements, in the form of tool kits, videos, often discussed on MGG.  Here's my question:

What about people like me who lack either the time, inclination, or mechanical ability (or all three) to do these replacements?  Is there a company out there who will do the replacements for a fee?  It would be great to pop my perfectly functioning MBP 13 inch (Retina, late 2013) for a battery replacement, keyboard replacement, SSD upgrade.

Anyone know of one?


Kenny in NJ

2 Answers

There are plenty of Mac repair shops around that will do this work. That’s what I would Google to find one near you. Where in NJ are you?

I am on the northern Jersey Shore, around Red Bank. Because we have quite a few Apple stores in our vicinity, a lot of those guys have shut down....but if you know of one.....let me know.

I'm also curious about their guarantee policies (in general, not any specific shop)? What happens if they butcher your Mac?

Thanks for your response!

Kenny in NJ


You might contact Two River Computer ( You could also ask for a referral at an Apple store.