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Choosing Malware/Virus Protection  



I have been using Intego VirusBarrier to protect may iMac for the last several years.   It has served me well but I think there are better options.  I have been doing some research and the two that have bubbled up to the top of my list are Sophos Home Premium and Bitdefender Total Security 2018.  

I was wondering what other people are using and why they like it?


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I, like most Mac users, do not use third party malware protection. It just is not necessary. Apple includes a system in the OS, which is updated as the OS is updated. More importantly, there is relatively little malware in the wild compared to Windows. There are actually no viruses that have been found in the wild for Macs, but there is other malware. The most important part of protection is to be vigilant and not click on (or sign into) anything you are not sure about. This means never clicking on a link inside an unexpected email, no matter how authentic it looks or how alarming the message.


I think that phrasing the question around anti-virus does tend to lead to statements about the absence of viruses (of the self replicating variety) for Mac. 

But what is more likely to be seen is software that might be termed as malware which engineers users into installing it. The usual aim with malware is to generate income for the bad guys rather than destroy the Mac. My go to tool for this type of detection & disinfection is MalwareBytes AntiMalware. The free version has to be manually run when required but the paid version does real time detection.

But other products will also identify files containing Windows malware which is a requirement for some people/companies.

I have installed Sophos for some of my clients and not had any bad effects reported but I don’t run it on my own Mac.


+1 on Malware Bytes.


I see a set of updated reviews on MacWorld