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Clone to do a full reset  



I like to completely wioe my mac every once in a while. I know, it's probably not required but things seem to run slicker afterwards.

My question is, if you wipe your mac, then do a restore but use a clone as the restore source, is that in effect getting rid of all the rubbish and starting again. Or is that simply making a copy of what was previously there.

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For the most part you’re also restoring the “cruft”. There are however certain types of files that are excluded from clone & backup operations - most notably cache files and also some indexing. Therefore I think what you’d be achieving is very similar to just using a tool like Onyx (and/or Safe Mode restart) to remove/reset cache files and rebuild indexes (indices?)

Typically after that sort of cleanup the first launch of macOS and each app takes a little longer but overall various gremlins may have been shaken out and your Mac would feel like it has a bit more “pep”.