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Cloning a tech disk to another  



Greetings! I have a tech disk with several partitions of full test installs of the last 5 or so OS's, as well as another for DiskWarrior, one in ExFat for Windows and a last for open space for client file transfers. From time to time I need to create a new one of these disks, and haven't found a utility that can do this simply. Using "Restore" in Disk Utility won't work since there are a couple of APFS partitions mixed in with the HFS+ ones, and CCC will only do one volume at a time. After doing some googling it looks like the terminal command dd can copy a whole disk over -- partitions and all -- to another, however it looks a bit complicated. Does anyone know of a straightforward app or other method to accomplish what I'm trying to do, hopefully with a GUI? Or does anyone know how to use the dd command to achieve this?


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sudo dd if=/dev/disk1 of=/dev/disk2 bs=1M


MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE you get the the of=/dev/diskn parts correct, because if you point at the wrong disk it will trash that disk.


Where /dev/disk1 is replaced with the source device and /dev/disk2 is replaced with the destination device after they are plugged in.


They should both be dismounted.


Do not use the /dev/disk1s1 notation, as that would be a partition.


NOTE: I have not used this to clone a disk for at least 20 years, so I do not know how well it works for a macOS file system.  But as an experimement it should be easy to try

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