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[Solved] Combining individual mp3s to one - advice needed.  



Hello Geeks,

I need some advice as to how I can create one mp3 file from over 30 + smaller ones on my Mac without committing to purchase specialist software. To give you some background: I purchased some Witcher Audio Dramas from a polish store Fonopolis (they are amazing productions BTW and would recommend them if you speak polish and like The Witcher:)). Unfortunately they do come in small individual downloads (I think each chapter is an individual mp3 not consistently named) and whilst I could potentially just dump them to iTunes with a hope that 1) it wont crash on me whilst doing so 2) it will upload to my cloud music library without issue...I'd rather prefer to listen to them on my favourite Podcast Client (Castro) - when adding so many small files it just messes up my listening queue so I was wondering how to create just one single file - an easy and free method would be preferable 🙂 Thanks so much for all your help and ideas in advance! 

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Per this Macworld Q&A, you might want to try Doug Adams’ Join Together utility. It’s not free (though there’s a demo version to try), but at $5 it’s a steal if you have this need often.

Thanks Ben, I will give it a try, It looks like something that will do the trick and yes if it does the job -$5 sounds like a bargain 🙂 Thanks again.