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Converting .M4V slideshows to .MOV to play on a TV  



A friend is keeping on old Mac around running 10.6.8 just for the purpose of creating slideshows in iPhoto that he can copy to a flash drive and play on his TV.

When he creates a slideshow from his newer Mac running Mojave, the resulting movie file is not playable by the TV.  iPhoto spits out a .MOV file. spits out an .M4V which the TV refuses to read.  He also has some .MP4 files which also do not play. Apparently, his TV only recognizes .MOV.

He'd like to get rid of his old Snow Leopard Mac, but how does he save slideshows in .MOV format on a Mojave Mac?

1. Convert .M4V or .MP4 to .MOV with a shareware tool? There are a few that show up online, but it's hard to tell which are shady and which are legit.
2. Convert using a shady looking online tool such as: Possibly safer with no software installed? Anybody have experience doing this?
3. Handbrake ? Not seeing a convert function, but perhaps there's a way to set it up.
4. Just rename those .M4V or .MP4 files with .MOV since there are all basically the same video in different wrappers?
5. Something else?

Wish I had the experience to know what path to follow. Any guidance appreciated?

He has no AppleTV, Synology or streaming TV stick of any sort. He's old school.

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Sounds like a job for Handbrake. 

Unfortunately, when I open a M4V file with Handbrake, I'm not able to find an option to "Save as" .MOV


I prefer using iMovie for video clips and Photo to Movie for slideshows (in my humble opinion far superior to anything Mac provides for slideshows, but it is not free) and, after assembling, editing, adding transitions, titles, etc., I export them in a Quicktime format and drop them into iDVD (after customizing the menus/themes). this link may help you:

unfortunately more effort than he wants to put into it