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Creating a Mojave VM from a 16-inch MBP  



Hi all, I've been trying to create a Mojave VM to run within Catalina on my 16-inch MBP, but am encountering errors. Is it because my machine can't run Mojave due to firmware? 

This is the guide I've been using:

Any advice? Should I find a machine running Mojave to be able to do this?

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From what I read … Note I don't use VMWare so I can only share what I read and the success story I read noted the following:

… simply drag the "Install macOS Mojave" application into the VmWare Fusion installer, as described in the documentation


If you still need the Mojave Installer skip to step 4 of the following Apple support link where a further link is available.

Hope this helps


Unfortunately this doesn't work. I'm not sure if my 16-inch MBP's inability to run or install Mojave is preventing this from being set up.


Just set this up successfully using Parallels 15. 🙂