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Creating a recurring event in iCal  



Hi folks,
I'm trying to create some recurring events within iCal and am having problems due to my specific requirements.  I can create events easily enough, I know all about the options to make them recur and I've been through all the custom settings with no joy.

Two or three times a year, I have an event which always happens on the last full weekend of a specific month and I want the entire weekend to be blanked off in my calendar with alerts 24 hours in advance and three days in advance.  This is reasonably easy to do except it fails under certain circumstances.

If the last Saturday of the month is also the last day of the month then that's when I have problems.  It's also a bit flaky when there are five weekends in a month.

I've looked at setting the event for the last Sunday and setting appropriate reminders but that doesn't block out the entire weekend.

Apple support say that iCal can't do this so I guess I'm looking for a third party method that can do it for me.  It's also been suggested that I write a python script which can create a custom .ics file to do the same thing.  That requires that I be able to code in python, which I can't do.

Does anyone know how I can do this please?

Bottom line is that I need annual recurring events set for the last full weekend in a month.


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BusyCal might be your answer. You can have something recur on "last weekend day" of the month. 

Screenshot 2018 10 19 16.08.15

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply.

That looks to me as though it would create an event on the last Sunday of the month rather than the last full weekend - Do you actually have BusyCal and could test it to see what it does as I don't want to drop a fiver on it, just to find it doesn't do what I want.

PS - I've been listening to MGG on and off since I got my first Mac, over ten years ago.  I drop in for a few months at a time and then have a few months off.  I really enjoy it and I love the fact that it hasn't really changed at all since I first started listening.  It's a show which in true apple form "Just works"

73 Feek.

Yeah, you're right. "Last weekend day" is just that. Generally it's a Sunday, and does not block out the Saturday, and in the case of August, 2019, well... then it blocks out Saturday, August 31st, which doesn't get you what you want.

You need the (non-existent) "last full weekend" option there. I would suggest contacting BusyMac's Help to see if this is something easy for them to add.