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CSF: ExifTool by Phil Harvey  



Apologies if this tool was already mentioned.

Possibly the definitive meta data editor Exiftool by Phil Harvey 

Certainly the best starting point for understanding file meta data (exif and all).

Command line interface, so probably not for the casual user.

For the longest time I edited w/ a combo of A Better Finder Rename, A Better Finder Attributes, GPS PhotoLinker, and SetEXIFData. The last two being GUI front ends to Exif Tool. Recently I started bringing my old home videos (Sony DV) into Photos. I wanted to tag the .mov files with geo-tags and other meta info. To get what I wanted (tags read on import to Photos) I needed to use exiftool.

So if you're working with photos the easier to use tools are great. If you're up against the edges of those capabilities (such as tagging mov files such that Photos will read it) you may want to look at Exiftool.

And if you want to geek out over meta data formats and standards definitely have a look at Phil's website.


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Hi Keith

If you are using brew you can tap cask,

Once you tap cask using brew you can install exifrenamer with a simple command.

brew cask install exifrenamer.

More on exifrenamer:

I never tried it but since exif data concerns you I thought you might want to know about it.

You might also be interested in the mdls CLI as well, nice way to quickly read metadata.

Thanks for mentioning exiftool, I just installed it via brew.