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CSF: The best trackpad gesture  



The best trackpad gesture isn't found in System Preferences > Trackpad. It's in Accessibility.

Select Mouse & Trackpad on the left, then Trackpad Options... on the right. Then Enable dragging with three finger drag.

Now, to move a window, there's no need to click -- just put three fingers on your trackpad when over the window handle, and it moves!

Ok, maybe not the best, but I sure like it, and really missed it when I added a Trackpad to my iMac. Had to go on a hunt to reveal how I'd added it to my work MBPr... 

I activated this - cool! But then I realized that I could not switch between spaces anymore with a "three-finger-swipe". I deactivated the accessibility thing again but the "three-finger swipe-to-switch-spaces" did not come back. That was probably my most used trackpad feature and I absolutely want it back. Does anybody know how to re-activate it?

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LOVE this! 😍 


Whoa. I love this. Thanks for sharing!


For @macps or anyone else who wants to restore the default, app-switcher functionality, go to System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures and re-enable Swipe between full-screen apps.

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Whoa, it works! Thank you.

You could also change the  "Swipe between full-screen apps" setting to "…with four fingers" and maybe get the best of both worlds?