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Daily Docking a MBP for work ūüė©


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Hi gang!  I need help.

I have a brand new (actually refurbished) 2018 MacBook Pro 15".  I LOVE IT!  However, I have run into some issues actually using it.  Here is my issue.  I like to work from coffee shops, but I also have a great standing desk with a LG 4K monitor (HDMIx2 or Display Port).  I also have a 2TB external disk at the same location I use for time machine backups (USB 3). The external drive also has 2 extra USB ports and I use one of them for a Plantronics headset I use for phone calls.  I have the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter that I use to connect Power, Monitor, & External Drive.  Oh, and I have an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard.  It works....  Mostly.

The problem I run into is essentially 2 issues:

1) There seems to be a little lag with the monitor.  I'm also not sure I'm getting 4k resolution.  Sometimes the text looks a little jaggy.  I'm starting to wonder if the HDMI is the problem or if I should switch to Display port, but I didn't want to go to dongle town if I didn't have to.

2)  Switching back and forth is a PITA.  I got the app Jettison to make mounting and unmounting drives a little easier, but the real issue is the display.  See, when I'm mobile I use spaces a LOT.  I have 3 spaces and I set it up so my browser is on Space 1, Messaging is on Space 2, and email is on Space 3.  However, when I'm docked I want messaging on my main laptop display and my browser and email on the external monitor.  I can't seem to find a way to make it remember what space everything goes on.  I got Moom but it seems to only be able to help reposition the windows but not put them on the correct space.

So...  This made me think....  Can anyone give me advice to overcome these problems?  I can't be the only person who wants to work in a similar way.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

FYI - the "Stay" app ALSO does NOT move windows between spaces.  I just checked their FAQ.


I suspect if you could live without multiple Spaces then Moom would do what you desire, or find a compromise Spaces arrangement that works for you when at your desk or in a coffee shop.

As for your monitor issues, I would suspect hardware, but whether it is the adapter, the cable, or the display, I do not know.


At home my Wife has a 4K monitor (forget which brand) and the Apple USB-C adapter for power-in, USB and HDMI.  It displays very nicely.


At work, we have a guy with two 4K monitors attached to a Toshiba Thunderbolt 3 USB-C adapter and he is getting very nice output.  Also do now know what monitors he has (these might be Dell, but not sure).

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Thanks!  I'm leaning towards buying a better adaptor and just waiting until later this year to see if Apple releases a new display with a built-in thunderbolt dock.  I just need to find software to help with the spaces issue.....


hey @phantom, I'm in the same situation having a MacBook Pro 2016 and a LG Ultrafine 5k display. Plugin and unplugging from it was a mess for my windows. So I check what I could do with Keyboard Maestro. There are some limitation regarding space, BUT, usually you can avoid some pit fall if you are using your apps in full screen, which is essentially a space. So you you have Messages in full screen, Mail in full screen, before unplugging your monitor, use a trigger to set them to NOT be full screen so they are all on the same space (space 1), then Moom can move them when you plugin the second monitor. You have to do it with a trigger though. when you plugin the second monitor, you can have KM trigger with some event (I chose to look for the LG camera on my monitor) and so when KM sees the it, it will trigger some event that will move the app window to my laptop monitor (which I set as my second monitor) and put them in there place with either a KM action that moves the windows or you could trigger a Moom set that is triggered with a keyboard shortcut that you activate with KM.


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@jefflambert670 Thank you, that's a good idea.  I hadn't thought about using KM.  Now I'm going to go really deep...  Your thought made me wonder if I could actually use KM to trigger BTT (Better Touch Tool) to move the windows to the correct space???

Also, on a slightly different topic, I did find a program that looks GREAT. ¬†I was called TotalSpaces 2 and I was super excited. ¬†Until I learned that it won't work with Mojave unless you disable SIP (System Integrity Protection), which I don't want to do. ¬†😕

Yeah, I haven't found anything that can deal with spaces directly, if I remember correctly, Perter,  KM's developper, said it wasn't accessible to him as a developper so that's why he couldn't implement it.