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dictation software for Catalina?  



Nuance is no longer making Dragon dictation software for the Mac. My old software will not work in Catalina. The built-in software for my 2017 iMac is pitiful when it comes to  Dictation. It is almost unusable compared to Dragon. Does anyone have a solution or a software recommendation for a dictation program for the iMac.. If avirtual machine running windows is the only solution, what is the best way to set it up? Thanks



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Hello Jim

I admit that I am not an expert when it comes to dictation software for the Mac or any platform. I am usually mute in front of my machine but all kidding aside I only wish you left us some details on how you use dictation, in other words what your goals are.

I will leave some links for you despite not understanding your primary goal, just some things on dictation.

Here is a Mac Observer search result for "Voice dictation"

Here is a very thorough 10 min youtube video by MacMost titled:
Learn How To Use Dictation On Your Mac
(Catalina specific but with some previous MacOS versions equivalencies noted)

Apple's own support article on Voice Control

If none of these links meet your goals, chime back with specific details on what your dictation goals are and I will try to find some other candidates for you.



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