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Disable iTunes Screensaver  



Is there a way to have OS X use a random screensaver but not use the iTunes album art one?  Or some super cool way of managing which album artwork it will show.  For some reason, mine shows me a couple of podcast artwork over and over.  And I read searching online about this screensaver, it could be used to play music, but I couldn't get it to do that either.  The tile had a play icon but clicking it did nothing, even after clearing and repopulating the next up list.  

Also, I did find one post that got into the weeds on the way to do this that involved booting to safe mode and changing the file permissions or something like that.  But it seemed like more trouble than it was worth.

1 Answer

If you want to just disable the one screensaver, that’s probably the easiest thing. Just go to the Screen Savers folder in the System Library and move iTunes Artwork elsewhere.

I searched for that folder, but couldn't find it.  But it led me to manually delete the artwork in iTunes of the 4 or 5 artwork tiles from the screensaver.  Then the screensaver displayed an error indicating I had no artwork.  In iTunes, I do have songs and albums with artwork.  I deleted all my cache files using Onyx and restarted, but the screensaver still could not find any artwork.  Any suggestions?