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Disk Utility message-Should I be worried??


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Good day to you! I am having a "little" issue with my 2014 MBP. 

I use CarbonCopyCloner to run a clone every night. I started having a problem when I go to use my computer in the morning-it would be frozen when I went to move the cursor OR it would freeze when I tried to do anything. So I would have to do a hard shutdown which is not something I like to do. This was pretty much each morning. 

So I thought I would have my computer shut down after running the clone backup and that worked great for awhile but then it wouldn't shut down and it seemed as though there was an app running that couldn't/wouldn't shut down and that prevented my computer from shutting down. Soooo I started to shut down all my apps and plug in my external drive to do the clone backup. That worked a few times...

This morning I get a message that there was one up that couldn't quit (I forget which one, sorry) and force quitting it didn't work and I got the spinning rainbow wheel... Had to do a hard shutdown (holding down the power button) and this time I booted in Safe Boot. 

I got this message when I ran Disk Utility and I am wondering if I need to be concerned-I don't know what this means.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Judy

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I don't think that error is of great concern and, to me, it seems unlikely that it would be related to your Mac freezing.

Carbon Copy Cloner allows you to see & manage what snapshots are stored on an APFS volume so that would be the next place I'd look. I'm assuming your error is with snapshot number 13 but not 100% certain.

I note that on my MacBook Pro, which was automatically upgraded from HFS+ to APFS, I had a snapshot error reported by Disk Utility that wouldn't resolve and eventually to get rid of it I: cloned to an external drive with CCC, reformatted the internal drive, then used migration assistant to bring everything back in.

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Hi Graham! Thank you for replying and setting my mind at ease. I will keep your reply and maybe when Catalina comes out I might just do what you did. Thanks!!!!