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[Solved] Do you know if there’s a way to add metadata to MKVs after ripping?  


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The answer here depends on what you’re using for your playback software. If you’re using something like Plex, its own media library handles the metadata, so there’s no need to edit the tags on the MKV file itself.

If, however, your playback software doesn’t have its own metadata editor or media library feature, you’ll need to embed the data. Unfortunately, this can be a tricky process as the MKV container can only support “embedded” metadata via internal XML files. If you have access to a Windows system or virtual machine, try MKVTagger. Note that this is not as user-friendly as editing metadata via iTunes or Plex; you’ll need to edit the inline XML itself, although you’ll be able to modify just about every parameter.

You can also manually create XML files and merge them into an MKV file using MKVToolnix. For XML formatting instructions, see the bottom section of this page from FireCore.

Alternatively, you can open the MKV file via VLC and edit a file’s metadata via the Window > Media Information > General tab. Note, however, that you can only use this method to edit very basic metadata, and it is primarily audio-focused, with fields for Album, Artist, etc.


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You could metadata to many different files, including, mkv, using exiftoll,

I use it mainly for photos, PDFs and MS Office docs.