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Does iTunes automatically remove downloaded video content after a certain amount of time?  



I download movies or TV shows from the cloud to store locally on my Mac. After about a week or so, the downloads are gone.

It happened first with a couple movies I downloaded. And it’s happened twice since with downloading a TV season to my Mac (in order to stream to my Apple TV).

I usually stream content, so I’m not used to downloading iTunes content. Is this a bug or a poorly received (on my part) feature?

thank you so much 


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You don't mention if you have watched the movies/shows....  If you have then maybe check the setting:

iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Automatically delete watched....

Other than that I'm not aware of any other feature that automatically deletes them but I guess they could/might conceivably be being managed by macOS storage "optimisation" if your Mac is low on disk space?