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External display question


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I just purchased a TS3 Plus and have it connected to my 2016 MacBook Pro running 12.0.1.
I run the MacBook with the lid closed and connected to the TS3 is a BenQ EL2870U display.
I am having trouble when the MacBook goes to sleep - I can’t get it to wake back up.
The display will not come back on
Not sure if its the MacBook , display or the dock.
I have tried SMC reset on the MacBook and seems to still have this issue.



@brent-guiliano I have the CalDigit TS3 Plus attached to my company 2017 13" Macbook Pro. Using a DisplayPort cable, I have a DELL U3219Q 32" 4K monitor attached. I also have a USB-A to USB-B cable going from the CalDigit to the DELL monitor to enable the monitor's USB ports.


I do not have any issues with my DELL monitor going to sleep or waking up.


I frequently put my Mac to sleep at night, and wake it up in the morning. And if I'm away from my Mac for an extend period of time, then displays will go to sleep (when on Power, I do not sleep the Mac).

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good explanation


I have the same situation