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Greetings Geekers,

If you have any suggestions I would appreciate some guidance.

I am currently researching some WW1 ambulance units and regularly come across unidentified photos of soldiers from this period along with unit photos which have large numbers of soldiers. I am finding it very difficult to tell if the single photo of a soldier exists within a unit photo, or visa versa.

Is there an app that will look at large group of faces [unit photo] and compare it with a single photo or smaller group and identify the faces that are in common? I know that Photos sort of does this but my experience with it is rather hit-and-mostly-miss. This may be due to low resolution for the biometrics to get a hold of, I'm not sure.

It is getting rather tiresome trying to compare a single soldier or small group of them with upwards of 300 soldiers in the large unit groups.

Thanks for any help, even if the answer is, “No.”

Seasons greetings, and may your wombats roam free an unfettered,
James from Aus
1 Answer

You can try using Photos for this, though it may not be as capable as you desire. Photos certainly prefers to have more than one reference picture but this could be a useful experiement to find out how flexible it can be.