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FCPX and mac mini  




Anyone using the new Mac mini for doing video editing with FCPX? I'm tempted to buy this to replace my aging MacBook Pro 15" retina 2012. The issues I’m seeing is exactly the OS upgrade on my current MacBook Pro. It has been published on the list of unsupported computer at the end of last year. And with my new iPad Pro 11 inches I do not think I need a portable computer anymore. I’m using it as a desktop only since then.

I believe that the mini with the highest i7 CPU and its six cores should perform at least as good as the current machine I own. The fact that it does not have a dedicated video card may make it slower at video transcoding than a dedicated video card, but again, the video card I have in my MacBook Pro is 6-7 years old and still can do what I need. I know that my current Mac is fine for 1080p editing, as I’m using it right now. What I’d like to know is how the new mini will perform.

I know built-in video card (in CPU) are better than they used to be, so maybe the one in the mini is equal to the discret one on my MacBook Pro that is at least 7 years old. Is the fact that it does not have a dedicated video card could be an issue? I would prefer not buying an external TB3 video card, as there’re not cheap.

I already have a nice Dell 27" (u2713h if I remember well) display (not 4k/5k, but that's OK for me) and a keyboard, mouse and trackpad. The new iMac feels like a good machine, but is not that cheap when I compare to a decently configured mini. And there is no way I'd buy and iMac with Fusion drive, so I need to upgrade to an SSD to start with. I will probably install 32 Gb in the mini (even if I go with an iMac) to help FCPX do its work in memory and less swapping. I do 1080p video only, no 4K or fancier things. It is for my amusement too, and I can wait for initial/final transcoding of video files when I work on my projects.

Thank you