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File in iCloud Drive is not found by Spotlight or Finder search  


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I have a file that neither Spotlight nor Finder can actually FIND this file, even using its exact name.

The file name is bob money. It is a Numbers file, stored in iCloud Drive.

In Spotlight I search for "bob money" (including the quotes). It finds "no results". Without the quotes, it finds many files, which probably contain "bob" or "money", but not the right file. I have nothing in my Spotlight Privacy list.

In Finder I navigate to iCloud Drive, to start the search there. In the search-box at the top-right of the Finder winder, I enter "bob money" (with and without quotes). No results. Then in the advanced search area, I try:
[Name] ... [matches / is / contains / starts with] ... [bob money]
Again nothing.

Any ideas?

I upgraded from Sierra to Mojave a week ago. And I think Spotlight found the file back on Sierra.

Thanks Team MGG!

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I would toggle iCloud Drive in spotlight preferences so that it is an exception to indexing and then returns as a spotlight index item. Also, see this article for more insight.

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Thanks for your reply, Alex!

I seem to have found a sloppy fix. I opened the file that Spotlight couldn't find, and added an arbitrary word that probably isn't anywhere else on my mac, to use as a keyword target for search. I used "picklez". I saved and closed the file. Then used Spotlight to search for that word "picklez", and Spotlight found the file. And from that point, Spotlight was also able to find the file by its name "bob money".

This is obviously not a good fix, because I certainly don't want to go through that process for every file on iCloud Drive. But it was an interesting result.

I tried the suggestion of toggling privacy for iCloud Drive, but nothing seemed to happen, and did not help Spotlight find the file. I also read the linked article. I actually don't see any ".Spotlight-V100" (hidden) files anywhere on my mac. Maybe that's not done on Mojave?

Thanks again.

Just to make sure -- by "toggling privacy" you mean going to spotlight in system preferences, the adding and removing the folder from the privacy tab?