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Filename extensions on Applications


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Hello all. I just got a new MacBook with Mojave and something is different about it from my iMac running Sierra (or maybe High Sierra?). I typically choose to show filename extensions. However the extensions on my iMac do NOT show for program names on the dock. Which is perfect. If I click the Application folder from the doc I get a list of applications without ".app" on it. But all my finder windows show filename extensions. 

The new MacBook has ".app" on the programs displayed from the Applications folder in the doc. I even went and hide all filename extensions. Finder filename extensions are correctly hidden, but the dock based applications still show .app.  Where is the separate control for this? It's truly making me a bit buggy.


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Some basic firsts

Have you restarted? Did you try to quit dock from Activity Monitor to see if it triggers the change?

If there was no change untick what is circled in red and restart.

Still nothing?

Copy the following and paste into the script editor app (works in High Sierra), click the hammer to see if there is a bug and then click play. The results should read true. Restart afterward.

tell application "Finder" to set files_ to every item in (path to applications folder) whose name ends with "app"

repeat with file_ in files_

tell application "Finder"


set extension hidden of file_ to true

on error e

display dialog e buttons {"OK"} default button 1

end try

end tell

end repeat

report back.


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