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Files "touched" by something which makes Drive download/upload them.  



Hi Guys, I have a weird one. We use Drive on our Synology 1819+ running DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4. We have a shared folder accessible via AFP/SMB and which is in Drive also. Everyone working at the office uses the AFP protocol and connect with the finder to the server. I, on the other hand setup Drive on sync select folder of the Shared folder on the server on my Mac running 10.14.3. 

My boss called me Sunday morning to ask if I had modified some psd files on the server at 2 AM, which I did not, so he was worried since he didn't do anything either on those files. I have to mention that there was a lot of psd in that same folder but not all of them where "touched" mysteriously at 2 AM. I checked my Drive log on my mac, and for what ever reason, it's like the file was touched at that time, then reuploaded, and redownloaded. I noticed that something similar happened a bit earlier in the evening at arround 10:25PM. My boss told me he left around 6PM, so what could cause those files to sync and to have their modified date changed like that?

This is a concern since I know my boss like to work from home, but he makes a backup on an external drive, which if he makes some changes to some files, then wants to sync back to the server, if the dates are newer than, they will overwrite HIS work even though his file as new work in it. 

So my question is, how to know what app touched that file at 2AM? can it be Time Machine on my local machine? Why would it need to touch the file? What other software would touch file like that at random?



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