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Finally bought an Apple device after 31 years  



I'm a lifelong Windows/PC user, always built my own. Recently, I decided to buy a) my first laptop and b) my first Apple device. Multiple factors went into this decision, but ultimately I decided that if I wanted to develop iOS apps for my side project/startup that I would need to invest in some Apple stuff. Landed on a MacBook pro 15" 2018 for the build quality, compute power, and the Apple logo for iOS development.

Immediately after opening, registering, and upgrading my MacBook to Mojave, I discovered an issue that wouldn't let me update the five core apps that come pre-installed on a Mac. There was an option to "claim" them, but it didn't work and was "unavailable." To keep a long story short, I spent hours on the online chat with Apple, who seemed to have never seen this issue before and considered it unacceptable despite my insistence that I would never use the apps and the issue was ultimately trivial. Less than a week later, they fixed the problem and let me know that they changed their infrastructure so that new Macs would no longer be required to "claim" these pre-installed apps. Probably one of the best support experiences I've ever had.

Fuckin class act you've got going on, Apple. I get the feeling I'll be enjoying my time here in these gardens.

Comment: One of the best posts of all time! If I were on chat for that long I would be freaking out but it's amazing to hear that your first experience with support was positive. I have to say, AppleCare has a pretty good bunch of people.

Anyway, enjoy the machine and my best wishes to you and your iOS development. Awesome stuff!

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