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[Solved] GMail Forwarding  



Is it possible to use gmail's "labels" to forward emails to another email address? In other words, if I label an email "forward" it then automatically forwards to another email address? Or, similarly, since on Apple Mail on Mac and iOS show labels as "folders" is it possible to have every message in a given folder forwarded to another email address? 

- Jeremiah

2 Answers

I suggest using IFTTT to do this. It will involve understanding how to use it, and I’m still not sure you can actually use labels but you can use gmail search and other ways to do this. Check out IFTTT or Zapier for this. 


Firstly - it is generally better to have any "rules" processed by the mail server rather than a client application (such as Apple Mail) on a device. This means the rule will be processed without needing that device to be turned on & the application running & the internet connection up.

But for your specific requirement - for Gmail "filtering" the automatic rule processing (which can include forwarding the message) is triggered when a message is received. I don't believe there is any filtering activated within the native Gmail system when a message is "labelled" (or moved to a folder). So that would mean either finding a 3rd party service that offers this feature by hooking in to your Gmail account or using an "on client" mail plugin.  (ie. activated outside the Gmail web interface).

The only set of Mail plugins that I'm vaguely familiar with are from  and which Dave & John often refer to. You'd have to check if, for instance, Mail Act-On might do what you're looking for.

This might be one of those cases where it's more effective to review why you're performing this action and whether the desired result can be achieved by a different process flow?

Thanks for the feedback. Here's the situation:

I'm the COO of a growing nonprofit. Our CEO has had a very public email address up to this point. I'm trying to get it set up so his executive assistant can easily sort through his inbox and forward the important emails to his new "private" email address we just created. I thought a label or folder would be an easy solution, but since this seems like it's not a possibility, I'm open to other ideas.

If the EA is using any mail application that accesses the accounts via IMAP (can be Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird,...), then if that app is connected to both accounts via IMAP then the EA can simply move or copy the important emails from the "public inbox" to the "private inbox".

PS. Using Mail-ActOn with Apple Mail would allow single keystroke move or copy of a message.