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Having a problem getting a bootable USB to work


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G'day everyone.

I am trying to create a bootable USB. I have tried both DiskmakerX and Apple's advice ( . I have used Diskmaker before and it has worked well. 

However, when I boot from the USB this time, it all works fine until after I select boot from the USB. I select the USB, I get the progress bar across the screen, BUT THEN... I get graphical instruction from Apple to turn a mouse or trackpad on (I am using a 2014 Retina 27 inch iMac fusion). I toggle both my Apple mouse and Apple trackpad on and off but it doesn't get past this. So I just turn it off and give up, having been caught. 

Please tell me cohorts, where have I erred? Or should I shake my fist at someone?

Thanks, Andrew


Perhaps when it boots up after installing, unplug your USB accessories other than your HD then re-plug after directed to; and make sure your HD is on it own USB port/cable.  Return and report!

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