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Having trouble loading Mojave os to parallels virtual machine  


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Okay Hi all, I am trying to create a parallels vm that runs Mojave os so I can run a 32-bit app that I use regularly. I have a iMac that has a Catalina os. In the process of creating my vm I ran into the problem when I got to the point where I tried to upload the Mojave os to the virtual machine. As the screenshot below prompted me I ran migration assistance to upload Mojave os to the vm by choosing to transfer data “to another Mac.”  After doing so my Mac logged me out and I came back to the screenshot page and was unable to access the vm's screen with my mouse. The curser disappears when it’s drug over the vm's screen. It should also be said that I have already downloaded Mojave from the App Store. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem?
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Can you please clarify what migration you’re trying to do....

It sounds to me like you’re asking the Mojave VM to migrate data from the running host Catalina drive?? Note that Migration Assistant logs out all user processes on both donor & recipient machines. If you need to migrate data into Mojave (assuming it is even possible to do that from a Catalina source) then pull the data from a CCC clone or Time Machine backup. 

i am running Mojave in Parallels so as to continue using an old accounting app. I did a clean install of Mojave and then installed my app and signed into as few services as possible so as to keep the VM as minimal as possible. 

Thanks much for your reply! I am trying to migrate the Mojave OS from a Mac running Catalina to the parallels vm. When doing so the vm gives me a prompt saying “The selected source cannot be used for migration” “Volume contains a macOS or OS X instillation which may be damaged.” I downloaded the ccc cloner but I’m not sure how to select the vm as a recipient yet in ccc. I may be able to figure that out if I can find the vm’s IP address. Thanks again for the reply. Any more direction you can give me will definitely help for I am pretty green with computers.

Let's go back to first principles then....
Do you really need to copy *everything* from your Catalina (real) installation into your Mojave (VM) installation or do you just need the one 32 bit app and its files? If you just need that one app then your better method is to do like I did, as mentioned above, and start from a clean version of Mojave then *install* the relevant app into Mojave using the app's normal installer then copy (or connect/share to) only the data files on the Catalina disk that it needs.

If you believe that you need everything from your Catalina installation to be pulled into the Mojave VM then you have a much bigger job. After my thoughts above I've done a bit more Googling and as far as I can see the migration assistant will not perform a *downgrade*. ie. the Mojave version of Migration Assistant doesn't know how to pull files from a Catalina installation. All the articles I've found that talk about downgrading are predicated on you having a backup of your macOS system from when it was still Mojave (either a Time Machine backup, or a clone). ie. they step through creating a clean Mojave and then pulling your files/data in from an external backup. So the question would be if you have a backup of your system that is from prior to you upgrading your machine to Catalina?