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Help with AppleTV & HomePod  



My home TV setup is very simple -- AppleTV connected to a projector through HDMI, and a HomePod for audio. I would instinctively think this would be a configuration supported by Apple, as this is as close to "all Apple" as I can get for watching content. Ever since Airplay 2 come out, however, there are several issues that arise:

1) When there is content not natively available on AppleTV, sometimes I want to Airplay from my 2017 MBP to AppleTV. Doing so, however, requires choosing whether to Airplay the video to AppleTV OR Airplaying the audio to HomePod -- but not both. Doing Airplay display to AppleTV from MacOS switches the audio to AppleTV (no sound comes out), and changing volume output to HomePod switches video to the Mac (no video on AppleTV). Is there something I'm missing?

2) Following the above statement, AppleTV always tries to have audio default to itself. In order to get output to the HomePod I always need to hold the play button down, select HomePod, and deselect AppleTV as an audio source.

3) Even when I do step 2, there are some apps that simply won't work. DS Video for instance has a very hard time. Other native AppleTV apps like ABC which have no built-in audio source selection will either have no volume at all, or will be locked in at whatever volume the HomePod was at when the app opens (ie going up and down with the volume clicker on AppleTV remote does not respond).

Can anyone advise? I hate to say it, but I'm thinking of hooking up my rinky-dink Bose Soundlink again via bluetooth and just taking it for the team on audio quality, as that was at least a reliable audio source.