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[Solved] Home screen folder  



Does anyone know if it's possible to take an iCloud folder and place an icon on the Home Screen or Doc of IOS 12.  I Know how to make folders of apps.  I have a folder that I store temporary items which are available to me on my Macs and IOS devices and wanted to make access to it easier.

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I’m thinking that you may be able to achieve something along this line by creating a Shortcut that opens the particular folder or file and then use the “Home Screen Icon Creator” shortcut to give you an icon that activates the shortcut??


If I'm understanding your question, i believe this is essentially what Apple's "Files" app allows you to view your iCloud folder. You can also link to other services like dropbox, OneDrive, Synology Drive,....etc. 

Another app that does this is "FE File Explorer"

Perhaps, though you want an icon for a single folder on your iCloud drive?


That sounds like the right answer but don't see a way to open a folder in shortcuts. Tried asking Siri to open the folder and "I can't open folders". Not big deal just where i store easy to get to stuff.