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How can I get balanced left and right audio from external mic in Keynote voiceover  



I’m trying to record a voiceover - with an external Samson CO1U - USB Studio Condenser mic - to a Keynote presentation on my MacBookPro MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) before exporting it a video file. The problem is, that the audio is confined to the left channel.

I have tried altering the balance using Audio MIDI Set-up but that doesn’t work. I need to use the external mic to get a better sound quality than using the MacBook’s internal mic.

Is there a way to get a balanced stereo (or split mono) signal from an external mic?

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Interesting issue. How are you recording the audio? Generally external mics are mono mics, of course, but still... that shouldn't be an issue.


Thanks Dave

I'm simply plugging the Samson into a USB port on the MacBook Pro.