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[Solved] How do I open Apple News stories in Safari in Mojave?


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The Apple News app on my Mac is a huge timesaver for me potentially. I need to monitor news sources for particular stories, then extract the headlines and links and put them in a Ulysses document. This should be much easier on my Mac than on my iPad because of Keyboard Maestro automation. I've run into a snag though.

I want the original URL of the article, not the URL. Before Mojave, putting the URL from iOS into Safari on my Mac always translated the URL to its original, but not it just opens Apple News.

Can anyone think of a way to get Apple News to give me the original URL? There isn't even a "open article in Safari" link in Apple News that I can find. (I do know that some webpages make the article headline a link to itself, but this is not universal.)

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So I answered my own question by using Firefox instead of Safari (I suppose Chrome would work too). So now I have a KM macro that opens the current article in Firefox, extracts the HTML page title (which is usually the headline), cleans up any HTML oddities, extracts the URL, puts it all together into a Markdown formatted inline URL, and then pastes it into the current Ulysses document. Wow, this is so much a timesaver over the old way.