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How do I sync iOS games process to M1 Mac?


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I want to sync my game process (like Minecraft) to my new Macbook Air. Is there any way to transfer app data from my iPhone to M1 Mac?

Any help appreciated.

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Not possible to do it, actually. But if you wanna do it, you need to download an Emulator on your Mac.

Recently noticed a free tool that can sync your iOS game and process it to your M1 Mac, without installing an Emulator. 

So good so far.

Sounds cool! But I worried about the privacy problem, is it safe? I want to check it, could you tell me what's the tool?



In fact, data transfer from ios to mac is possible in the appstore there is a free application that allows you to do this Apple Configurator 2.I hope I helped you.

Awesome! I'll try it, thank you!