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How much is Apple 1?  



I work with a real estate investor in Silicon Valley named Steve Cooper.  Steve purchased a home in Palo Alto California owned by one of the pioneers of computers and discovered a whole container full of computers, components and some early laptop prototypes the owner invented while working with Jobs and Wozniak at Apple,  Steve is interested in selling the inventory or doing a JV with someone who has experience selling these pioneer computer items.  If you would like to talk to Steve about what he has, buying the inventory or working with him to sell the items, please let me know. I hope someone could help me. Thanks!

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I just discovered your very interesting post. I encourage you to reply back to me, I could connect you with relevant individuals who could steer your friend Steve in the right direction.

It should be noted that there may be prototype hardware or even unreleased or source code that deserves to be preserved for historical reasons. So the value could be high monetarily but priceless in terms of their historical significance.

I hope you take a moment to come back to me even though your message was posted several months ago.

Kind regards