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How much memory???  



Alright...I wrote a while back and a few of you commented about whether I should get an imac mini or pro. I've settled on getting a pro. much memory would you recommend I get. I've never had a mac with more than 22 GB. My current Mac Pro (2008) has 22 and it has served me well. I do like treating myself, and both the stimulus check and unemployment have afforded me some disposable income that I wouldn’t even notice was missing if i spent it in bulk. That said, while I do like to dabble, I am by far not a graphic designer, filmmaker, or rocket scientist. I'm just a guy that likes to not sell himself short and be limited in power.

So... OWC is offering some stellar deals right now. They're giving $2550 off a 128 model (cost $4449), which makes it $550 cheaper than the basic Pro with 32 GB.

The 32 is $3599 and the 64 is $4149.

So what do you think? Be happy saving $1400 and get the 32. Splurge a little and be happy saving $1250 and get the 64, or live large with the $2550 I save on a 128 GB.

Most important, will I notice a difference with the day to day general non-techy applications I am running.



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If you are not doing heavy-duty video, graphic, number-crunching on huge data sets, nor needing to run tons and tons of processes concurrently, then 32GB should be sufficient.

Besides, you can always change your mind in the future when memory prices are even lower.

I had a Late 2009 27" iMac i7 that I eventually upgraded to 32GB.  My usage was a few concurrent processes, tabs, and windows, and I still generally had 7 to 10GB of free memory most of the time.

I mostly had an email client open, web browser with about a dozen tabs, iTerm2 terminal emulator with 4 windows, and 30+ tabbed windows open, most ssh'ed into Linux, Solaris and AIX Unix based systems (this is where most of my work was being down), Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client with 2 windows open to remote Windows systems, iTunes so I could listen to my music, scheduled background backup tasks (some to backup me, but I also had tasks that reached out to my Linux development systems, and backed to my iMac the work in had in progress so I was saved from disaster (where disaster is deleting a file by mistake on my part, to an admin 2,000 miles away decided to re-image my development system, and then said "Oops!, sorry"; Have my own backup was very helpful in those situations)).

So lots of current processes, but noting compute-intensive or needing excessive memory.  With just 16GB I would have delays switching between processes, as parts of them needed to be paged back into memory.  When I went to 32GB, I did not have the paging delays, and generally I had very minor to zero paging going on at all.

Thanks for the detailed response!


I would definitely go for the 32GB option 😉