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How to extract home and lock screen wallpapers from iOS12  



I emailed Dave a couple of days ago about trying to extract my home and lock screen wallpapers from my iPad because I don't have a copy.  I hoped that iMazing would somehow allow me to get these files out and it turned out that it does.  

In iMazing, open the device and go to the File System -> Backup/HomeDomain/Library/Springboard
Low res JPEG thumbnails: HomeBackgroundThumbnail.jpg, LockBackgroundThumbnail.jpg
CPBITMAPs: LockBackground.cpbitmap, HomeBackground.cpbitmap

There's also the non-cropped cpbitmaps there: OriginalLockBackground.cpbitmap, OriginalHomeBackground.cpbitmap

This was a great start but the problem I had was being able to convert the cpbitmap files into a format I can use.  GraphicsConverter can allegedly handle them but they appeared corrupted. 

Time for further investigation.
It looks like iOS12 saves cpbitmap files slightly differently - At least, according to  it does.
I’ve grabbed that python script and saved it as a file called (sudo nano and paste the script into the file).   I then had to use chmod +x to make it executable.
Of course, it failed.  Life would be boring if it worked first time.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 2, in <module>
    import pil
ImportError: No module named pil
I had to install first pip and then Pillow in order to get the required libraries but now it’s done exactly what I wanted - I’ve been able to extract both the files successfully.
To install pip: sudo easy_install pip
Then to install Pillow: sudo pip install Pillow
ShackiMac:~ feek$ ./ /Users/feek/Desktop/OriginalLockBackground.cpbitmap lock.png
Size: 1200x636
ShackiMac:~ feek$
This is good geeky stuff, I love it.  I've learned from it and I've also been able to extract the png files.
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